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We will become a company that provides the best value to customers.

A-Kyung Motion Inc. is established in 1983 as an exporter of camping products. In 1990, we established Factory Automation Division by beginning the development and production of industrial step driver and controller. In the last 20 years, we have maintained a deep trust and continuity by providing reliable technology and know-how that has been accumulated through automation system construction of various production facilities.

The main business is automated facility control system development, manufacturing, construction, programming, and a specialty agency business of automation components. As typical business, we have charge of main process work of the major base business in domestic market on the front line, such as automated line construction of the Samsung Display, automation control facility of electronic part in LG Electronics, and the index equipment control of processing line in domestic automobile parts.
We will provide best automated solutions for customer by constant research and development and human resource development.

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